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Litigation And Trial Support

Litigation And Trial Support



Advocating For Justice

As the founding attorney of Bove Law Group, I am passionate about fighting for the rights of individuals. My practice is rooted in going up against institutions that would oppress, dominate and deny you justice. I focus my legal practice on advocating via legal writing and oral argument at all levels. Whether you are an injured person, an employee, wrongfully convicted or simply unhappy with the outcome of your criminal or civil trial, I can help. I bring the experience necessary to fully support your legal needs and am committed to customizing my services to support your unique circumstances and goals.

Brooke Bove

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Over the past decade, I have concentrated on drafting solid, precise and effective briefs in a variety of civil litigation and appellate matters. I have worked on cases ranging from elder abuse and catastrophic injuries to workplace injuries, employment discrimination and criminal defense. I handle appeals and provide legal writing and litigation and trial support for trial lawyers, as well as consultation services for appeals, preserving the record and constructive assistance with legal brief writing.

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