Writing For Justice

Advising You About Your Best Options On Appellate Or Litigation Matters

Appellate procedure is not necessarily difficult, but for most trial attorneys, it can be intimidating. Even if you have experience navigating the appellate process, it can be easy to make a procedural mistake that results in a dismissal or disciplinary action.

I consult with trial attorneys who need assistance with litigation and appeals in civil and criminal matters. I have successfully represented clients throughout Southern California seeking to overturn a decision or defend against an appeal. When you retain me, I will use my experience to advise you about your best options while helping you avoid the pitfalls that can jeopardize your client’s case.

Leveraging My Insight To Help You

Since 2011, I have written briefs for litigation and appellate issues arising from personal injury claims, employment disputes, workplace injuries and criminal matters. I draw on this knowledge when I assess cases to determine whether a decision or judgment has grounds for an appeal.

At Bove Law Group, my consultation services are not limited to litigation and appeals. I also help attorneys preserve the record in the event of an appeal and elevate their legal briefs by providing constructive assistance.

I offer end-to-end consulting services for every stage in the legal process, which includes:

  • Guiding clients through the appellate process
  • Helping clients with brief composition, proofreading, cite checking and research
  • Preparing the final brief for submission to an appellate court

California’s trial and appellate judges are notoriously picky about adhering to procedures and formatting. My work has been scrutinized by them and has passed muster. As your legal partner, I will leverage this insight when helping you prepare your briefs and other legal documents that you will submit for review.

Begin The Partnership Today

I am here and ready to help whether you have questions on the appellate process, need assistance with research or require an editor to review your brief. Contact my Santa Ana office online or at 888-692-2055 to arrange a private consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer.