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Offering Extensive Litigation And Trial Support Services To Solo Attorneys And Small Firms

Solo trial attorneys are a busy bunch! You have a practice to run, employees to manage, clients to care for, deadlines, negotiations and all sorts of distractions from opposing counsel to address. This leaves little time for law and motion work.

Partner with Bove Law Group, and let me, attorney Brooke Bove, take on that work. I offer litigation and trial support services that can be wielded, not as a defensive tool, but as an offensive tool to put pressure on the other side and achieve better results for your clients. Since 2011, I have helped my clients in Santa Ana and throughout Southern California address legal challenges and secure favorable outcomes.

Ready To Shoulder Your Legal Burden

As a seasoned litigator, I have the insight you require to develop sophisticated legal strategies, and the qualifications to execute your law and motion offensive. Trial preparation takes so much time and effort. I am ready to shoulder some of that burden.

My litigation and trial support services are extensive and include:

  • Creating trial briefs and motions in limine prior to and during trial
  • Providing advice on preserving the record in case an appeal becomes necessary
  • Handling post-trial motion work so fellow attorneys can move on to prepping for their next trial

Wherever you are in the legal process, I am able to customize a solution that meets your needs and addresses your client’s unique circumstances. Having represented clients in California courts on all levels, I am intimately familiar with the legal processes that you will encounter as you advocate for your client during your initial trial or a subsequent appeal.

There are only so many hours in a day. Leverage my capabilities to make the most of the time that you have to advance your client’s interests and tackle the tasks that you enjoy. Consider Bove Law Group your local resource for all your legal needs.

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Share your legal concerns with me, and learn how I can help you alleviate your burden during your initial consultation. Reach my office via my online contact form or by calling 888-692-2055.